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    How to create edge gateway via API on vCD + NSX-t

    oleksandrantonov Novice

      Hi everyone,

      I've been trying to create an Edge Gateway (Tier-1 Gateway in terms of NSX-t) in a VDC managed by NSX-t using vCD API (v33.0). I've been experimenting with the request body for quite a while but all my attempts fail with a 500 error and a stackTrace without any meaningful explanation (see nullpointer.err attached for the full trace). vCD debug logs just copy the same message. I'm attaching a request body (modified for nsx-t case) with which I'm able to create an Edge Gateway in a VDC managed by NSX-v without any problem ("edgeGatewayServiceConfiguration" section is skipped purposely as not related).

      vCD API documentation does not say anything about the NSX-t case, so I assume this is likely not supported. How do we create edge gateways via API then?


      Environment: vCD v10, NSX-t v2.5.1, VCSA v6.5