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    App Volumes Server Error - undefined local variable or method `data_disk_datastore'

    Johnny_21 Lurker

      Hello together,


      I upgraded my AppVolumes Server from version 2.1.8 to 4.0.1. The upgrade was successfull. But now I have the following problem:


      I can login on the server web interface and everthing works fine except the Settings and the Storage configuration. There is a red pop up with "Server error" (see picture below).


      I can click all tabs except the Settings and Storage. I found the following error in the logs:


      I would be pleased about solutions regarding this error.


      Thank in advance.



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          It seems as if one of the created datastores can no longer be found or has been removed from the vcenter.

          You could try and remove that datastore from the database but I would suggest creating a ticket with VMware.


          Your other option (if this is a fresh install and you only have a few appstacks) would be to reinstall the manager and recreate the database. If you connect to the exact same datastores where the applications and writables are stored you can import them automatically. Only thing you need to do again is assign the packkages/appstacks again.

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