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    Known issue vCD 10.0 vm "Make VM Compliant"?

    123xxz Lurker

      Had anyone cross with compliance error in vCD 10.0?


      Is there any description what would happen when we hit "Make VM Compliant" button?

      What hardware settings are being prioritazed vCenter or vCloud Director? What if we have different storage policies onto both of software?



      Description of the known issue below:



      vCloud Director 10.0 for Service Providers Release Notes

      When you change the  reservation guarantee values of a VDC, the existing VMs are not updated accordingly even after a reboot

      If you have a flex organization VDC with the system default policy and powered-on virtual machines on that VDC are with the default sizing policy, when you increase the resource guarantee value of the VDC, the resource reservation for the existing VMs is not updated and they are also not marked as non-compliant. The issue occurs also when you convert a legacy VDC allocation model to a flex allocation model and the existing VMs become non-compliant with the new default policy of the flex organization VDC after the conversion.


      1. To display the non-compliant VMs in the vCloud Director UI, perform an explicit compliance check against the VMs by using the vCloud API.
      2. To reapply the policy and reconfigure the resource reservations, in the vCloud Director Tenant Portal, click Make VM Compliant for a non-compliant VM.