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    Problem of guest OS not seeing USB drive

    Keith111 Lurker

      Hey, sorry to revive an old thread but I'm trying to do this exact thing and I'm having problems getting this to work using ESXi 6.7 (VM version 14) with a vm hosted on vSphere.


      I've edited the vmx file as listed above to add a usb drive:

      • ehci.present = "TRUE"
      • ehci:0.present = "TRUE"
      • ehci:0.deviceType = "disk"
      • ehci:0.fileName = "genericdiskname.vmdk"


      And upon boot it added:

      • ehci.pciSlotNumber = "34"


      But then I also noticed it added:

      • usb_xhci:4.present = "TRUE"
      • usb_xhci:4.deviceType = "hid"
      • usb_xhci:4.port = "4"
      • usb_xhci:4.parent = "-1"


      When the machine hit windows I was unable to see the drives. Is there anything else needed to make this work?