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    If condition not working

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      I am trying to create one small script to check datastore utilization percent, but if condition is not working. Can any one help me on this.


      Connect-VIServer -Server VC001

      $size = Get-Datastore -Name Datastore001 | Select-Object name, @{name="CapacityGB";Expression={[math]::Round($_.capacitygb,2)}}, @{name="FreeSpaceGB";Expression={[math]::Round($_.freespacegb,2)}}, @{name="PercentFree";Expression={[math]::Round(($_.freespacegb / $_.capacitygb * 100),2)}}

      If(percentFree -gt 50)


      'Datastore freespace is morethan 50%'




      'Datastore  freespace is lessthan 50%'



      Thanks in advance