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    How can i get logs off of appliance

    cypherx Hot Shot

      Hi, I have a support case due to a vsphere replication upgrade 6.1.2 to 8.1 not going so well.  The dr site went fine, but as usual in every experience with this fragile solution, the protected site will not keep the VRM service started.


      So I opened up a case and since the web UI gives an exception error getting logs I have to do this command line.  The FAQ support gave me was:




      I followed this and even went into sshd_config file and at the near bottom was PermitRootLogin which I changed to yes, did a wq to write and quite out of vi and then service sshd restart.


      However when I use WinSCP to try to go and grab the log bundle I generated, it keeps saying access denied.  I'm actually pasting the VR root password in which I verified my clipboard is correct by pasting it into notepad first.


      For whatever reason it keeps denying me and I cannot for the life of me get SCP or SFTP onto this box to grab the logs.  How do I do it?