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    Export / Import folder permissions

    xXvenszXx Novice

      Hello VMware Community,


      I´m preparing some scripts for a datacenter move but I´m stucking on the permissions export / import on folders.

      I searched and tried a lot but the most scripts have problems with the same folder name twice in a datacenter or are for a complete vCenter move.


      I´m searching for a permission script:

      - export folder permissions and virtual machine permissions (if possible)

      - import the permissions on the same vCenter but on another datacenter


      I tried those but there I get the following error (attached):

      Exception calling "SetEntityPermissions" with "2" argument(s): "The object 'vim.Folder:group-v455464 group-v455465'

      has already been deleted or has not been completely created"


      I also tried this http://www.virtu-al.net/2009/06/15/vsphere-permissions-export-import-part-1/ but this one looks like has problems with folders of the same name in the same datacenter but on different structure level - only the first folder will get the permission:


      - Datacenter1
           - Infrastructure

                - Server

                     - Linux

           - Voice

                - Linux


      Maybe, someone already have a solution for my problem Looking forward to hear from you guys.


      Have a nice weekend and stay healthy.