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    confused about machine cert replacement.

    signalpirate Lurker

      hey guys,


      vcsa 6.7  I have a machine cert that is due for replacement.  So I went thru the cert manager to replace machine ssl certificate with custom cert.  got a vmca_issued_csr.csr file and vmca_issued_key.key 


      sent that in to the web group guys for a cert and got back an entrust(CA) link to download the cert.  in the zip file I have intermediate.crt, root.crt, and servercertificate.crt   Now what the heck do I do with all these? 


      i'm basically at step 9 here https://www.dasher.com/vmware-vcenter-certificate-replacement/     but i'm confused about what to do next.  the engineering note states that I need to have a chain of the certs?


      Never done any of this before so i'm a bit confused.  might all be trivial and really plain simple.. guess I need baby steps here haha.


      Go easy on me guys