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    Push Apps from an Application Farm to a Session Based Desktop in another Farm

    amk7447 Lurker

      Hello Everyone,


      I wanted to push some of the Apps from my application farm I have imported into Horizon Cloud to a session based desktop in another farm instead of installing the application on the desktop. I did play with installing the Horizon Client on the Session based Desktop and then login in again to pin some of the applications within Horizon published apps to the session based desktop which seams to work but when I launch the applications, it shows running Horizon and then opens the application which makes it not a seamless user experience, I am ok with that (prefer it didn't show) but when I launch a Horizon App from the Desktop, it asks for credentials to log into the Horizon Client.


      I did try to find any documentation around a seamless process of presenting applications from Horizon Cloud to a Users desktop, be it physical or a virtual desktop but I could see anything that clearly explained how to implement.


      Any tips, guides or information would be appreciated.