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    unable to copy files to nfs datastore : result empty file

    cicco171 Novice


      esx 5 on a server with storage disk.

      I added two external nas via nfs.

      On the one of two nas i can do everything but it's very small.

      On the other nas i have these important problems (named nasdico02pu)



      I can't copy from disk to nas a file, for example using ssh.



      # cp myfile.txt /vmfs/volumes/nasdico02pu

      # cp: can't open '/vmfs/volumes/nasdico02pu/myfile.txt': File exists



      Obviusly before copy there wasn't any file.

      The result is that in nasdico02pu i have the myfile.txt but it's empty (0KB)



      Using vsphere client i have the same result browsing datastore and trying to copy or move a file to nasdico02pu.

      On the other hand, always using vsphere client, browsing nasdico02pu datastore, i can upload files (with the button, i mean).



      Unfortunately i have to use the nas to make snapshots

      Please help, because i need it for backup.