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    Error when upgrading from VCSA 6.7 to 7.0

    bascheew Novice

      Running VCSA and attempting to upgrade to  The new VCSA is deployed fine, and during stage 2 right after the pre-upgrade tests are run I receive the following error.

      vCenter 7 Upgrade Error.png

      Internal error occurs during execution of upgrade process.

      Please search for these symptoms in the VMware Knowledge Base for any known issues and possible resolutions. If none can be found, collect a support bundle and open a support request.


      I reviewed the logs and in the "requirements-upgrade-runner.log" the last error is this:


      2020-04-03T05:27:57.786Z INFO utils.loginspec_utils User credentials based login specification.

      2020-04-03T05:27:57.787Z INFO utils.loginspec_utils The vCenter Server username and password are specified.

      2020-04-03T05:27:57.804Z INFO bindings.vc_binding User credentials based authentication.

      2020-04-03T05:27:57.863Z INFO deployer.migration_env_deployer Updating extension -- com.vmware.migrate-connector.

      2020-04-03T05:27:57.932Z ERROR UpgradeRunner Upgrade Runner has encountered an exception

      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/UpgradeRunner.py", line 1889, in main

          envDeployer.setup(srcTargets, destTargets, isRegVcExt)

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/py/deployer/migration_env_deployer.py", line 563, in setup

          self._setupTargets(srcTargetsToSetup, False, isRegVcExt)

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/py/deployer/migration_env_deployer.py", line 535, in _setupTargets


        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/py/deployer/migration_env_deployer.py", line 345, in _registerTargetAsExtension

          _registerExtension(srcSi, extKey, extCertificate)

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/py/deployer/migration_env_deployer.py", line 78, in _registerExtension


        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/libs/pyVmomi.zip/pyVmomi/VmomiSupport.py", line 556, in <lambda>

          self.f(*(self.args + (obj,) + args), **kwargs)

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/libs/pyVmomi.zip/pyVmomi/VmomiSupport.py", line 368, in _InvokeMethod

          return self._stub.InvokeMethod(self, info, args)

        File "/tmp/vmware-upgrade-temp-dirdvIaAnB9OK/tmp8khvlEWIMa/libs/pyVmomi.zip/pyVmomi/SoapAdapter.py", line 1481, in InvokeMethod

          raise obj # pylint: disable-msg=E0702

      pyVmomi.VmomiSupport.vmodl.fault.SystemError: (vmodl.fault.SystemError) {

         dynamicType = <unset>,

         dynamicProperty = (vmodl.DynamicProperty) [],

         msg = 'lookup.fault.EntryNotFoundFault',

         faultCause = <unset>,

         faultMessage = (vmodl.LocalizableMessage) [],

         reason = 'Invalid fault'



      Please advise on how to further troubleshoot the upgrade.

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