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    Sporadically slow web client on 6.7U3 - Two VMware support cases and 60+ days later no resolution

    cpetry7c1 Lurker

      I've opened two support requests with VMware in the last 60-90 days.  I've rebuilt my VCSA per their recommendation.  I still have the same issue.


      I have one VCSA that started to have web client slowdowns after upgrading from 6.7U1 to 6.7U3.  I do not have OpenManage installed on the hosts.  I've manually verified that OpenManage isn't installed on each host within this vCenter. 


      Logging into the VCSA via SSO/Active Directory takes a very long time (2-5 mins).  Even with workaround https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/53698 applied. 


      I need to reboot my VCSA every 2-5 days to restore performance. 


      Once logged into the VCSA it doesn't always behave correctly - sporadically the UI slows down to the point where right clicking to bring up a context menu takes 2-5 minutes.  This occurs on any browser even when cache is cleared.


      The ESXi hosts are running the latest build of ESXi on Dell PE R740xd's.


      Occasionally, rebooting the VCSA will dis-join it from the domain (Windows 2003 functional level).  I know this functional level isn't supported and it's been difficult to get an answer as to whether this would cause these issues or not.


      Any ideas?