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    AutoDeploy Script Bundle Hanging Host Boot

    OsburnM Enthusiast

      Greetings all.  Hoping someone can throw an assist here.


      Have AutoDeploy w/Stateless Cache booting to HPE Gen10 Blades.  We'd like to start using the new 'sut' utility (HPE's SmartUpdate Utility) that now has an ESX VIB; however, in-order for the 'sut' utility to automatically query for firmware updates, you need to run a command to configure it to "AutoDeploy" (not to be confused with VMware's autodeploy).  Otherwise, it's the default, "OnDemand" (which is essentially manual trigger).


      The trouble is, we use vSphere AutoDeploy w/Stateless Caching & this configuration setting/option isn't captured in a host profile.  So-- the thought was we'd use the newer ScriptBundle feature of AutoDeploy, build a simple .sh script to execute the one-liner command, and on boot, it'd reconfigure for the correct setting.


      So I ssh'd into a host and opened VI to create a simple ash script that looked like the following:


      called it 'configSutAutoDeploy.sh'



      sut -set Mode=Autodeploy


      then did a:  chgmod +x configSutAutoDeploy.sh

      then ran a:  tar -cvzf configSutAutoDeploy.tgz configSutAutoDeploy.sh


      From there, I uploaded it to AutoDeploy (6.7u3 vcsa-- used the new ScriptBundle Upload UI).

      Added it to a rule and rebooted a host.  The host gets to a "deployscript.py" and just hangs.  The command should only take a couple seconds to complete and I can run the .sh file manually w/o issue.


      Unfortunately, there's just not a lot of info out there on this feature and the guide doesn't have any detail.


      Any ideas?