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    Convert hard drive into VMWare virtual machine

    townsbg Novice

      I want to take the hard drive of a dead server and convert it to a virtual machine so that I can run it on a replacement server. How do I do that? I installed vCenter converter but I can only find the options of using the local machine or a remote machine. Keep in mind the server is dead so I can't run it to access the files that way. I can slave the hard drive as an external drive in an enclosure to access the files. What's the best way to turn it into a vmdk? I know that I can slave the hard drive to the virtual machine but I'd rather convert it.


      I found this thread but I'm confused about the exact command to convert the hard drive. How to convert laptop drive (with a dead laptop) for use as VMware image?


      Lets say that the data is on drive h:\ and is a single partition. I am planning on putting it on a separate external drive that is unused. I've actually already created a virtual machine called broken server. Lets say it's i:\broken server. What's the command to convert it? I am running Worstation 12 on Windows 7