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    The order of enabling jumbo frames on existing network

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      Consider the following topology


      <VM><VMNIC>---iSCSI....<UCS VNIC><UCS FI>---iSCSI---<Nexus 6k>---iSCSI---<NIC><Tegile/Intelliflash>


      Jumbo framing is enabled at the Nexus 6k and at the UCS. If I now enabled jumbo framing at the the

      Tegile array but not at the VMNIC of the VM - would that cause a problem? Or would the UCS just

      figure it out and deliver a 1500 byte frame to the VMNIC? And likewise, if I enabled jumbo frames

      at the VM's VMNIC and the Tegile storage array VMNIC was still MTU 1500 bytes, would that

      cause a problem or would the Nexus 6k recognize that limitation and fragment the frame to

      the needed size?


      OR - is it the case that all the VMs would need to be shut down in order to change the MTU

      on the storage array's NICs?