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    Unable to ping VMs on VXLAN from Physical router.

    mdshyfurr Novice

      Dear All,


      I am newly building on my own lab and I was trying to playing with my NSX. I was almost done everything but I realised, I cant ping my VMs on VXLAN. Just ping. I am describing my  lab scenario below and requesting you help...


      1. I have attached a my lab diagram for you reference. My router Mikrotik router and ip is (Image attached as Lab Design)

      2. I can ping from my physical router to EDGE downlink (Image attached as Ping Router to Edge Downlink)

      3. I can ping from my VXLAN VMs to EDGE uplink (Image attached as from VM to Edge Uplink)


      But I cant ping to physical router.


      4. Physical Router routing table (Image attached as Physical Router Routing List)


      Please help.




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