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    ESXi host shuts down/restarts when guest does

    AleTib Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I recently moved my stand-alone ESXi (was running on a PC) to new hardware; Since that, each time I restart or shutdown my Linux guests (no matter if from vmware or within the host), the host does the same.



      Proliant DL380e Gen8

      2x E5-2450L

      LSI SAS HBA with:
      - 1x300GB disk for VMFS Datastore
      - 4x3TB drives passed as RAW disks
      4xSATA drives (connected externally through a dedicated PCIe eSATA controller passed to the linux host )
      ESXi booting from SD (but logging on A)
      ESXi 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 15160138) installed through HP custom ISO downloaded from vmWare



      - one windows server host for tape backup (one SCSI and one FC pass-through)
      - one multi-puprpose Ubuntu 18.04 guest (mainly serving as NAS)


      Had a look at the logs but didn't notice anything peculiar; for example in syslog:


      2020-03-25T20:35:00Z crond[2098477]: USER root pid 2139772 cmd /bin/hostd-probe.sh ++group=host/vim/vmvisor/hostd-probe/stats/sh

      2020-03-25T20:53:42Z watchdog-vobd: [2097683] Begin '/usr/lib/vmware/vob/bin/vobd', min-uptime = 60, max-quick-failures = 5, max-total-failures = 1000000, bg_pid_file = '', reboot-flag = '0'


      there's an hole in between: the machine just restarted in between.


      HW seems to be working fine (been running for days without a glitch).


      Any idea? Tried to google around but found tons of unrelated stuff about shutting down/restarting guests etc. but nothing related. Beside being quite bothering, that sounds quite a security issue considering the guest doesn't seem to be isolated as it should.


      PS: not a production environment so I can run all the required tests.


      Thanks for your help/ideas!