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    Unified Gateway Deployment Using Powershell

    ukcsr Lurker

      I am deploying UAG 3.9 using the powershell scripts supplied by VMware (as per Using PowerShell to Deploy VMware Unified Access Gateway ), but the scripts don't seem to work with v3.9 of the UAG. The DeploymentOption attribute in the OVA is no longer supported so the sections looking for onenic, twonic of threenic dont work. To get this to work I have modified the uagdeploy.ps1 script to avoid this deployment option. I changed these:


      Remove line 201 $ovfOptions += " --deploymentOption=$deploymentOption"

      Remove the switch statement in line 191 and just leave the three nic options



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          chriskoch99 Novice

          I'm deploying UAG v3.9 in one NIC mode just fine with PowerShell.   Are you using the correct version of the PowerShell scripts?  You have to download them on the same page as the UAG .ovf file.  The current version has some code changes compared to others.

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            ukcsr Lurker



            Thanks for your reply. Yes I've double checked the powershell script and OVA version are from the same location. Could you confirm the version of the OVA you have? The one I downloaded was released on 20th March so is very new, the filename I am using is euc-unified-access-gateway-


            The OVA is just reporting it doesnt support the "DeploymentOption" attribute. If I get some time I'll crack open the OVA and see