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    Windows 10 start menu

    scottjones74 Lurker

      We are running vmware horizon 7.8, with windows 10 1809 LTSC, non persistence linked clone pools.  We have fslogix setup and it seems to be working fine for all desktop icons, shortcuts, and internet favorites.  The issue we have is that on initial login, everything is great and works fast.  After the user logs off and back on, the start menu is blank.  None of the installed programs are there, only settings and search show up.  If I kill the explorer process and restart is, everything is fine.  I have tried a ton of different GPO settings and none ave any effect.


      I am not sure if I should place anything in the redirections.xml file for fslogix, but I had this same issue with persona management and windows 10, but persona management has many other issues with windows 10 besides this.  So far FSLogix has been working fine, I just cannot figure out how to get the start menu to come up correctly after the user logs off and the vm rebuilds.


      I have tried several different builds of windows 10 and they all end up doing the same thing.  It has to something in my setup.