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    Trouble with wake on lan relative to vmware's virtual adapters

    klepp0906 Novice

      So i just fought with virtualbox' adapter's this morning as somehow their interface metric was the same as my ethernet adapter and the conflict prevented wake on lan from working.Now I'm proceeding to scan my network to add machines ala my wake on lan app of choice, and its picking up the VMWare Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMNet8 before my physical adapter even though my physical adapter has the higher interface metric.


      If i disable it in device manager, it picks up the vmware adapter for vmnet1 next!! 


      Only if i disable both, then does it register properly with my actual NIC and its mac address etc.


      Mind you, this is with no VM's running etc.


      Anybody have an idea whats going on here and how i can rectify it?  Obviously its something beyond the interface metric.