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    "Provider vDC" stucks as "Busy" during creation on vCD 10.

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      I have deployed vCloud Director 10.0.1 and NSX-T 2.5.1 versions. I have configured NSX-T according to vCD requirements without any problem.


      I have added vCenter and NSX-T to vCloud Director as it should be. ( I've done this many times before...). I have created network pool as GENEVE. NSX-T and vCenter appears as "Connected" on vCloud Director. That means that there is no any misconfiguration.


      The problem is ;


      I'm trying to create Provider VDC by select Cluster, Network pool, Storage Profile etc.. But, creation process is stucking as "Busy" for hours on end, and vCenter status is changing as "Connecting" on vCloud Director. I can cancel the creation task after the restart of vCD services via SSH. Then, vCenter status is changing as "Connected" after task cancellation.


      What am i missing ?