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    ESXi host with problematic Broadcom FCoE driver

    oneilv Enthusiast

      Hey Guys,


      I am seeing the below "ESXi host with problematic Broadcom FCoE driver" in the vCenter Health Recommendations.


      The notes that come with this warning reads the below:

      ESXi host might crash with a purple diagnostic screen error caused while trying to allocate an input/ output clock. The issue is fixed since driver version 12.0.1216.4. Click the Ask VMware link above for further details.

      The warnings are seen on all ESXi hosts in our vCenter Inventory and I've seen this at multiple customers. I also check and confirmed that the version of the brcmfcoe driver is below the recommended version mentioned above.


      I logged a case with GSS however their recommendation is more of a trial and error method. They are suggesting to


      1. Disable the brcmfcoe driver and check if the warnings are gone from the vCenter Health check


      2. Upgrade the brcmfcoe to version 12.0.1216.4 or later and check the vCenter Health check again.


      Anyone seen the above and got any useful information to provide on this?


      Cheers, Onil