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    View Client 5.4 and Agent 7.9 Bug with Main Display and Mouse Scrolling

    Tedster7 Lurker

      I'm not sure if VMware monitors this forum or not, but I discovered a bug with View 7.9 around setting the main display and mouse scrolling.  This issue occurs with  a dual monitor setup, if you make your right monitor the Main Display from the Display settings of a Windows 10 laptop.  When connecting to a View desktop, the View Client tool bar should now be at the top of the right monitor, but it's not -- it's on the left side.  In addition to this, if one uses the mouse scroll on the left monitor, it will now scroll whatever happens to be on the right display.  This does not happen if you scroll on the right monitor.


      Most people leave the left display as their default, so not surprised if no one else has encountered this.  I didn't start having this problem until upgrading from an older version of View -- don't remember the exact version but it was approximately one year old.  I have only tested this with one WIn10 laptop and one Win10 View VDI session so not sure yet if it's easily reproducible...