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    Do you know what is VMware Tanzu? or App Modernization?

    VMware Employees

      Tanzu is a cloud offering from VMware Which has various services as offerings on App Modernization:


           Ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime embedded in vSphere and operable across on-premises, public cloud and edge environments with total consistency.


           Single point of control to provision or attach and manage comprehensive policies for all of your Kubernetes clusters.


           Unified platform for all your containers and virtual machines, offering familiar tools for operators and self-service access to resources for developers.


           Application runtime optimized for Spring and Spring Boot and providing native Windows and .NET support, with turnkey microservices, operations and security.


           Curated and customized implementation of the Bitnami Community Catalog to speed development with base images that are maintained, tested and secured


           Enterprise observability for your entire stack – from infrastructure to application – to drive insights, decisions and actions across your organization.