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    VMware Fusion CD and Vm Tools

    timanagement Lurker

      I am using VMware Fusion 11.5.2 and have 4 VM's

      • Windows 7
      • ESXi 6.5
      • Windows Server 2012
      • Red Hat 8


      When I start Windows 7 and Red Hat 8 I get I get the following message:


           Cannot connect the virtual device sata0:0 because no corresponding device is available on the host.


      I do not get that message when I start ESXi 6.5 or Windows Server 8


      When I started Windows 7 it updated the VMware tools.


      On Red Hat 8 VMware tools used to work. I was sharing files with my Mac. On the sharing settings it says it will not work until VMware tools is installed.

      It is installed. I have uninstalled it using yum remove open-vm-tools-desktop an reinstalled it using yum install open-vm-tools-desktop.


      I have spent ages looking at articles and can't find a resolution.


      Any ideas please?