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    Any way to patch an ISO from build 14320388 to 15160138?

    Wafy_Tony Novice



      I'm using ESXi free in a home server / home lab environment and have been running happily on version 6.7 but would like to update it to the most recent U3 build. I made a clone of the USB it runs on just fine, and was going to use the "install over the top" method to update it (i.e. boot from the most recent iso and install over the top of one of the cloned ESXi operating sticks, which I'm lead to believe will essentially do an in-place upgrade).


      So, I downloaded the most recent ISO available on the website here, build 14320388, but when it boots it comes up with an error about "page allocation error: out of resources". searching these forums has identified that this build has an issue with UEFI boot, but the newer builds fix this. The problem is that the newer builds are not available in ISO format, just links to zip files of binaries (here).


      So my question is, how do i update the ISO to the newest build so i can boot from it and update my system? Or is there any other simple easy way to update ESXi free?


      Thanks in advance!