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    NSX-T Segment Bridge for VLAN

    chadc1979 Novice

      Wondering if the recommended route for connecting a VLAN backed management network is using the Edge-Bridge, I would usually use a OneArm-LoadBalancer on the management network to load balance things such as Horizon Connection Servers, IDM etc etc and from what I can tell that isn't really recommended so the only option seems to be using an Edge-Bridge where you create a Segment in the Overlay and assign the same subnet as your management network and keep the gateway the physical switch so you can reach other VLAN backed workloads and then create static routes in NSX-T and change the default route on the switches to the NSX-T IP address so you can get out.


      Public - > Tier-0 -> Tier-1 (LB) -> Overlay Segment/Edge-Bridge -> VLAN with NSX-T Managers, Horizon CS, vCenter etc etc and route all traffic public bound through Tier-1 and in turn goes up to Tier-0 and out of the private network.