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    Horizon 7.12 - Prewarm Sessions

    JohnTwilley Hot Shot

      With the release of Horizon 7.12, comes a new feature called Prewarm Sessions.  Being a Health Care customer, our #1 complaint from staff is the login delay for Windows 10.

      After reading this, we quickly installed Horizon 7.12 in our test environment...and have NO IDEA how this actually works.  There is zero documentation on this new feature, other than what you see below.


      If anyone knows how to trigger the API call to actually Prewarm a session, please enlighten us as to the method.  This is a shout-out to the VMware Marketing department...as it's a pretty lame explanation. I have my VMware TAM researching it now, and will post a reply when I find out.



      Prewarm Sessions. The new Prewarm session time limit now allows you to enjoy a faster initial

      login. The first login of the day typically takes longer than subsequent logins, as you wait for initial connections, authentication, and desktop provisioning. Reconnecting to a desktop is always faster than a fresh connection. With this latest release, the initial login is treated like a reconnection. Faster logins make everybody happy, but especially for users whose initial login might be as time critical as any subsequent logins, such as health care workers. The speed is accomplished through APIs, and includes a Prewarm Time Limit which is 30 minutes by default.