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    WS1 Access Connector Questions

    sarai0710 Novice

      I want to activate WS1 Access Connector (Identity Manager Connector ver19.03) to WS1 Access (SaaS).

      However, the activation code for WS1 Access Connector cannot be generated.

      Is version 19.03 not supported for WS1 Access (SaaS) version?


      I am trying to use an older version because the version supporting Horizon is 19.03



         Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector 20.01
          Note:The Workspace ONE Access 20.01 connector does not support Virtual Apps (Citrix, Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and ThinApps integrations). To integrate Horizon, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix applications and desktops, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Windows) version 19.03. To integrate ThinApp packaged applications, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Linux) version 2018.8.1.0.