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    ESXi 6.7 directly connected to storage with Balance-ALB & 2 NICs

    icehckyplyr22 Enthusiast

      I am curious if this is even possible, from what I have read it should be. I am trying to connect an ESXi 6.7 host to a QNAP device, here is the catch I am not using a switch . I have a ESXi host directly connected to a QNAP using 2 x 10GB GBIC's.


      The QNAP is configured with port trunking on two of it's NICs using Balance-ALB. (I use 2 other x ethernet NICs for management of this device).



      In ESXi I have one vSwitch, with 2 port groups:

      • PG1 has vNIC0 active / vNIC1 unused.
      • PG2 has vNIC0 unused / vNIC1 active.



      I can ping the IP of the NIC bond on the QNAP from one of the vmk ports but not the other




      QNAP shows an iSCSI connection from one of my vmk's IPs. I cannot locate the storage device when I scan the HBA/VMFS though. I am using a static iSCSI target.