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    Dynamic Environment Manager 9.11 has been released

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      We're happy to announce that Dynamic Environment Manager 9.11 has been released, with the following new features:

      • Find feature in the Management Console
        The Personalization tree, the Configuration Templates Repository dialog, and all configuration item list views now contain a Find text box which allows you to find configuration files based on parts of their name:
      • Additional Horizon Smart Policies
        We've added Horizon Smart Policies support for some additional Blast configuration settings. Both in User Environment settings:

        and in Computer Environment settings:
      • Continue refreshing computer environment settings after user logon
        The interval-based refresh of computer environment settings can now optionally be configured to continue after a user has logged on.


      We also addressed the following bugs:

      • The "Windows Server 2016" Operating System condition incorrectly results in a match with Windows Server 2019
        Previously, the DEM agent running on Windows Server 2019 would consider an Operating System condition for Windows Server 2016 as a match.
      • Certain triggered tasks launch incorrectly
        Some of the triggered tasks logic was broken on Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 Version 1803 and later. "Workstation locked" tasks would also trigger on disconnect, "Workstation unlocked" on reconnect, and "Session reconnected if Endpoint IP has changed" on reconnect regardless of the Endpoint IP having changed.
      • Non-administrators with "Change" share permissions cannot update configuration files
        Non-admin users of the Management Console were not able to update existing configuration files if their share permissions were configured as "Change".


      DEM 9.11 is supported on all recent versions of Horizon, and you can upgrade from any previous version of DEM/UEM (disregard those missing check marks .)
      Our Windows 10 support matrix has been updated as well (DEM 9.11 supports the same Windows 10 versions as DEM 9.10 does.)