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    DEM 9.11.0 Released

    JohnTwilley Hot Shot

      DEM 9.11.0 Release Notes: VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Release Notes 9.11.0


      I'm curious about this new feature in particular:

      • Continue refreshing computer environment settings after user logon. With this feature, you can configure Dynamic Environment Manager to continue to refresh computer environment settings after a user logs on.


      Anyone want to elaborate on what this means?

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          DEMdev Master
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          Hi John,


          That's a further tweak to the RefreshInterval and RefreshIntervalOffset configuration settings that we introduced as part of Computer Environment settings in DEM 9.10. Those two settings control whether computer configuration settings are refreshed between computer boot and user logon, and how frequently.


          In 9.10, that interval-based refresh would always be terminated once a user logged on. With the new ContinueRefreshAfterLogon configuration setting in 9.11, you can choose to have this refresh continue indefinitely. Concrete use cases for this are rare (as computer settings typically need to be in place before a user logs on), so this is really for some corner cases.

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