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    Enabling onboard LSI SAS 2008 PCI passthrough crashes guest Win 2012 R2 vm

    TaoeDude Novice

      ESXi version: 5.5u3
      Motherboard: SuperMicro X10SRH-CF BIOS v 3.2 (latest)
      OS VMs - WIndows 2012R2, with all mandatory updates installed


      I'm using this ancient version of ESXi because it's the last one that SuperMicro asserts supports this motherboard.


      Windows 2012R2 can successfully access various PCI passthrough controllers in PCI slots, but when I enable the onboard SAS 3008 controller, it won't boot.


      But a Debian 10 vm starts fine and can talk to the 3008 without issue. So this is clearly related to Windows.


      I'm a ESXi n00b. How do I go about debugging this? Which logs should I examine?