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    Nested VSAN/VCF HomeLab Design

    singhraj Novice


      I dont know i should ask this question on VCF form or VSAN so i am asking on both.

      I have two physical hosts Dell R630. 128 GB Ram , 4x500 SSD, 2tb HHD on each server. and one NUC for witness node.


      Please suggest which option is better .


      would like to build nested homeLab VSAN , VCF and NSX-T



      1: Build 2 physical node VSAN cluster and build nested homeLab " VCF and NSX-T on top of VSAN " .



      2: Build nested 4 Node Cluster on each physical hosts and use one cluster for VCF/MGMT CLUSTER and another COMP cluster for NSX-T and other VMs.



      please help  how can plan IP/ Network.