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    vROps 8 telegraf agent with Horizon instant clones

    PowerVDI Lurker

      vROps 8 with Application Remote Collector deployed

      Horizon 7.11 Ent


      Telegraf agent is installed manually in parent image:


      C:\VMware\UCP\ucp-telegraf\telegraf.exe --config C:\VMware\UCP\ucp-telegraf\telegraf.conf


      Deploying instant clones and following services are running:


      • Application Remote Collector Telegraf
      • Application Remote Collector Minion
      • Application Remote Collector Salt Minion


      But in vROps console, Monitoring Applications, Manage Agents the instant clones show Agent status = Not Installed and the C:\VMware\UCP\ucp-telegraf\telegraf.conf file is missing


      Anyone using telegraf with instant clones?