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    USB Docking Station disconnecting as soon as PCoIP session starts.

    jschwartz82 Lurker

      We have a user who has a D6000 docking station connected to a latitude 5480.  This is a common setup for our remote users, most of them have the same thing.


      All of the laptops are running the same version of Windows 10, same updates, same software.


      All have the latest Horizon client, connecting via PCoIP to the same pool.


      This user, as soon as she starts her PCoIP session, her docking station disconnects (and as soon as she disconnects from her Horizon session, the docking station reconnects).  We've tried reinstalling the Horizon client, reinstalling the D6000 drivers, sent her a new D6000 to try. 


      Googling this issue has been very frustrating, and there aren't any errors in any logs that we can find that will at least point us in the right direction.


      I'm hoping someone in this community has seen something similar before.