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    New vulnerabilities like CVE-2020-0551

    1337Thomas Novice



      I how often is Skyline updates with the lasted security breaches? We receive an update per email about once per month but with the rate of the exploits coming to light, we really want Skyline to be our primary source of truth when it comes to mitigation.

      For example this guy: INTEL-SA-00334

      Or does there need to be an official vmware KB first before it can be added to skyline?

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          Hi 1337Thomas,


          Thank you for going proactive with Skyline.


          Skyline recommendations are based on the rules engine and the rules are based on KBs, Whitepapers, VMware Docs, Best Practices, etc. The example you've mentioned is still not part of the rules engine.


          Currently, findings and recommendations take 48-72 hours to reflect on Skyline Advisor. The email notification is triggered when there is a new critical finding in the environment.