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    Vcloud issue while importing

    gomzi90 Lurker

      I'm using vcloud director for the first time. We have a requirement to move the on-prem VM's to AWS. When I create a snapshot for one of the VM which is 8gb in vcloud. I see multiple files in the datastores.













      So, I consider a flat.vmdk which was the size of the VM(wild guess) 8gb. When I imported it in AWS and tried to convert it into AMI. It failed apparently "StatusMessage": "ClientError: Disk validation failed [Unsupported specified file format]","


      step 7 - GitHub - miztiik/server-migration-onprem-to-aws: Simple demonstration on how to Lift & Shift OnPremise workload to AWS



      VMware, Inc.® VMware vCloud Director



      can someone please help. Which file to consider for migration.