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    Downgrade using VUM and ISO

    MattHumphreys Novice

      So I need to go to a specific version of ESXi in my lab environment in order to carry out a test to try and diagnose a fault in our production environment, we have the latest build of 6.7 installed in our lab as we used it as the test bed before we rolled the upgrade out to our production servers.


      We had an issue with one cluster which vmware cant seem to find the root cause of without further information, they want me to test the precise steps we took in upgrading the environment in a test lab so I need to install the same version that is in the production problem cluster.


      The target version is an older build of 6.7, now if I add the ISO to update manager, build a baseline and apply it to the hosts will it install the older version or will I have to wipe and install and reconfigure everything?