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    SRM 6.5 and Journal datastore?

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      Hi All,


      I'm just getting familiar with SRM but not sure about what the journal is or does and the requirements.  We use Tintri storage and trying to decommission old EMC VNXs, so my question is do I need a traditional SAN to keep the SRM journal on?  Where does this even get configured in SRM?  We've just upgraded vsphere, esxi and SRM to 6.5.



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          What journal are you referring to? I'm not aware of a journal related to SRM. SRM doesn't require a traditional SAN, it can be used with vSphere Replication only.

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            Srm doesn't replicate. It's the orchestration engine for doing failover and test failover. Vsphere replication might be what you're referring to, but it isn't journaled either. For storage based replication that has journaling, that's all taken care of within the arrays, like recoverpoint on emc. Zerto does use journals and journal datastores, but doesn't use srm at all.

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