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    Agent unreachable

    fborges555 Enthusiast

      Hi gurus


      I have one VM that present agent unreachable on View admin, I have done the following.


      1) re-start the VM

      2) stop the vmware agent services and start it again

      3) check visibility to connection servers


      but still , the VDI present "Agent Unreachable"


      what else can I try to resolve this issue.


      Thanks a bunch

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          AlessandroRomeo68 Master


          read these KB that the proposed solution could be useful:

          VMware Knowledge Base

          VMware Knowledge Base

          in addition

          VMware Knowledge Base



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            jonathanjabez Hot Shot



            You can put the VDI in maintenance mode from Horizon Admin Console and then try the below steps:


            1. Uninstall Horizon Agent

            2. Reboot the machine

            3. Uninstall VMware Tools


            Important: You can install the VMware Tools from mounting it directly from ESXi or you can download the VMware Tools installer from VMware Downloads and store it in the VDI machine itself. Also, if you have GPU card attached, remove them first as you will not have VM console access and you need it after removing VMware Tools.


            5. Reboot the machine

            6. Reinstall VMware Tools, Reboot

            7. Reinstall Horizon Agent and reboot and check the status of the VDI in Admin console by taking it out of maintenance mode.


            Note: If you have any other VMware components installed such as App Volumes Agent, UEM/DEM Agent or VROPS Agent, please follow the proper sequence to remove them before uninstalling Horizon Agent.


            If the issue still persists, please try the token reset as per the VMware KB 2038679 as mentioned in the last reply by ARomeo.