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    Is it possible to export a list of object types?

    mathewsnyder Lurker

      I need a list of our object types for discussion purposes. I don't see anywhere I can export them. The only place I've seen a singular, comprehensive list is under Administration->Inventory but it doesn't offer an export option as far as I can tell. Is this something that is possible?

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          BNixon1980 Novice

          Just a quick response as I'm not at my desk, but you can select any object(s) from the right pane of Inventory Explorer and "Right-Click" to either copy the "cell" your cursor is within, or the the entire row. This also applies when performing a left-click and doing a Ctrl+a to select-all and then copying everything out. You can change the display number using the upper drop down and change that to up to 1,000 objects at a time.


          For smaller environments, this is a quick and easy way to export those lists.