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    Metric value showing "null" in the symptom information column.

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      We have one Sample Adapter developed for monitoring the Storage nodes. In this Adapter, we have defined symptom on one resource kind "SDC" in which we are checking the metric value 'mdmConnectionState' is equal to 'Connected' or not. When the 'mdmConnectionState' is 'Disconnected' the symptom gets triggered, but in the symptom tab under the 'information' column we see the message as ' MDM Connection state "null" != "Connected" '. We are not sure why the "null" is getting displayed. The vROPs version we are using is 7.0 and 7.5. The same code is running fine on vROPs 8.0


      The Symptom definition:

      <!-- SDC MDM connection Health -->

      <SymptomDefinition adapterKind="StorageAdapter" cancelCycle="1" id="mdmConnectionStatus" nameKey="1712" resourceKind="SDC" waitCycle="1">

                  <State severity="critical">

                      <Condition key="Summary|mdmConnectionState" operator="!=" thresholdType="static" type="property" value="Connected" valueType="string"/>




      Any help on this is appreciated.