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    VCSA 6.5 to 6.7 Upgrade pre-check warning

    bosco7777 Lurker

      I have two embedded VCSA appliances in embedded linked mode.  They are 6.5 U3a.  I'm trying to upgrade them to 6.7.  I'm using the 6.7 ISO 15132721 build.  On both of them I get



      warning - Unable to retrieve replication status of the partners

      resolution - Make sure vmdir service is reachable and started in partner nodes and this node before continuing


      I've checked, and the vmdir service is running on both of them.  ./vdcrepadmin -f showpartnerstatus indicates Partner is 0 changes behind on both.  I've restarted both VCSAs.  I've not opened a support ticket on this yet