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    Vms slow in the host esxi

    wxtux Novice

      Huy Guys

      I aprechiare you opinions about my issue with vmware.

      i have two host managment with Vcenter.

      I have a machine with Server 2008. Called Server2-pc (attached map)

      i have another vm with Server 2012. called Srv-app-new (attached map)


      both VMs runing very slow in host number1 but if i migrate the vms to host nubmer 2 ... it works !! but the issue is the host 2 have less hardware resources ( 1 proc, 16 GB Ram).

      in change the host number 1 have more resources (2 proc 80 GB Ram)

      I think that maybe the NAS o storage is the problem, but when a i migrate the vms from host1 to host2 the vms continue in the same storage. So, i think the NAS is not the problem.

      however, the NAS no report any issue woth latency o IOPS in the LUNS.


      the question is ¿Why the vm runing better in host2? i did the next task:


      I created a new vm with the same disk

      I consolidated the virtual disk

      I minisized the resources in the vm

      i do checked disk to the S.O guest

      i changued the Network adapter, the driver too

      I disabled the Storage adapter an reboot and enable again.


      But nothing it worsk

      This morning the vms continue very slow when boot and when start the work.


      thanks for the comments

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          wxtux Novice



          In this moment a tried to power off the two machines an the result is

          " in progress" and its all.

          the machine dont power off.


          So, i need to reboot all th server for the Vms come to works

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            Diego Oliveira Master
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            You could check NICs of host number 1, eg. error crs, same drivers of host 2, route, firewall

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              UmeshShardul Novice





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                Ardaneh Enthusiast


                You said that Host2 has no problem and Host1 is the host with the problem, and all hardware components are ok with host1, so the only thing you should check is the iSCSI Network connection.

                You also mentioned in your second message that when you are trying to power off your VMs, they stuck in "In Progress" mode, this happened for us and the problem was related to storage but not the storage itself, the components. for our scenario, it was all about VMFS. We moved our VMs from that datastore and then recreated it. so if you can move your VMs from that DS to another one, check it, please.


                I recommend you to check these:

                - Your host1 Network connection (iSCSI connection)

                - Your ESXi version on host1 and host2 (sometimes reinstalling ESXi is helpful!)

                - Your datastore in Host1 (VMFS problems)

                - Your iSCSI network (Cables, Switch, Ports, Uplinks)


                Hope this could be helpful

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                  wxtux Novice

                  Hello Partners!!


                  thanks for your opinion


                  Ardaneh i think that you have the reason.

                  In this moment i Migrate 2 Vms in other LUN and recreate the LUN and iscsi objective.

                  Redimensioned the space and i will test the performance of my vms


                  In this moment I trie to migrate a vm to new datastorage and the latency is 290 a 310 ms ¿is a lot ? ¿What should be the best performance in a NAS?

                  What do you think?


                  The NAs, Server and Swich have a Gigabyte Ehternet ports.

                  In my NAS QNAP i have a Teamming of my ports for grow the broadcast velocity

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                    Ardaneh Enthusiast


                    The latency of 290 or 310 ms is high! it depends on your storage and connections but as far as I know, your maximum latency must be 15ms and not more, so I believe you have a network connection issue.

                    To be sure what is the problem, make your connections as simple as you can, remove any binding and teaming and check your status with one single connection.

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                      wxtux Novice

                      Hello Guys


                      I think that know what is the problem.

                      like say Ardaneh, the issue is between Server and NAS.


                      I delete a LUN ans ISCSI target and reconfigure one new.

                      In this moment i will do other test but i go for the rigth path