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    Re-Tag VMs and after SRM Migration

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      • We have two sites, Site1 and Site2.

      • We have vCenters in Enhanced Linked Mode

      • We have Cross-Site NSX (Active/Active same SSO domain)

      • VM Tags defined on one vCenter are propagated to both Sites due to Enhanced Linked Mode.

      • SRM failover of a VM does not bring the VMs tag assignment with it.


      When we failover VMs using SRM, say from Site1 to Site2, the VM Tags don't come with them. This is the normal behavior of SRM using vSphere Replication. VM Tag Assignment is held in the vCenter Server and is not a part of VM metadata.


      This means that after DR event, when we have run our SRM Recovery Plan, VMs that have been failed over, for example, to Site2, don't have their original tags.


      Is there a powershell script to use during the Post Power On Steps to re-assign those tags on the vms in the Recovery Plan once the servers are failed over?

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          The capability to migrate tags with failover is being worked on. In the meantime, the script that you would want to create would be something that took the tags from the protected VMs and applied them to the recovery site placeholder VMs. When the recovery plan is failed over the recovered VMs would have the tags.