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    How to move from VMware Tunnel/Content Gateway to UAG?

    syarbrou Enthusiast

      I have frontend and endpoints setup for Tunnel, Proxy, and Content on Linux in my organization.  Lately VMware keeps calling my environment "Legacy".  With the next update we do I am going to have to also replace all my SSL certs and was thinking of switching to UAG.  Some questions immediately pop up:


      1. Being a packaged deal not sure how that would work.  Does this still have the frontend and endpoints?

      2. If I turn off my current servers and install these, rename them to the same as the old ones, and use the same IP's will they just pick up where the other ones left off?

      3. Curious also if there is any conversion guide and way to do this without users being overly impacted.

      4. I assume the UAG includes Tunnel, Proxy, and Content?

      5. I have never done an OVA install as basically when a new version comes out do you delete the current install and put the other OVA in it's place and redo all the settings again?