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    Remove a disconnected host with some LUNs attached

    asaputra26 Lurker

      Hello everyone, I have a situation where an ESXi host (not part of a cluster) is broken and we dont want to use it anymore.


      The host cannot be powered on anymore but our vcenter (v6.5) still lists it on the inventory. Previously it is marked as "not responding" but it is now marked as "disconnected" after I click on the disconnect menu.


      This dead host had some LUN datastore attached to it via fibre channel, and these LUNs now are actively used by a VM on another alive host. I already removed the LUN mapping to the dead host from the storage controller, but from vcenter point of view these LUNs are still attached to this dead host.


      I would like to remove this dead host as per guidance in here >> Remove a Host from vCenter Server

      but I'm not sure whether I should be concerned about the LUNs that are "attached" to this dead host or not, because it is used in production and I am afraid that by removing this dead host will also impact the LUNs.


      Please advise.