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    replace nsx ssl certificate

    pargit Novice


      i have 2 nsx-v 6.4.5 Build 13282012 connected to 2 vc's running vcsa 6.7u3

      i created ssl request from the admin ui and generated the certificate in our ADCS (as i did with the vc's and vrops servers certificates).

      i used the ca template i created for the vc (using microsoft guideline for vcenter 6.7 certificate).

      when i load the new certificate i still get browsers security errors on the certificate.

      i noticed that the cert is missing the Subject Alternative name which most browsers requier today (and might be the reason for the error)


      my question is, can i generate a "normal" certificate with private key using my ca and load it (with the key) to the nsx manager? is that supported?

      is there a way to generate the request from the nsx admin with the subject alt name?