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    Skyline Critical Findings on an empty Org

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      Hi! I've received this email today:


      Dear Skyline Customer,

      VMware Skyline has discovered 2 new Critical Findings within your environment. These new Findings may pose a risk to reliability and stability of your VMware products and solutions.

      Some of the Findings are highlighted below. Log in to Skyline Advisor to review all the new Critical Findings discovered.

      Organization ID - 6cdaf3cb-24df-417c-aedf-9bbaec60d6a2

      Organization Name - Pirelli Sistemi Informativi

      Finding Id - vSphere-CVE-2019-5532-VMSA#20190013

      Description - VMware vCenter Server information disclosure vulnerability- CVE-2019-5532

      Category - Security

      Risk if no action taken - Security Risk

      Number of objects impacted by the finding - 1

      Recommendations - This issue is resolved in:;VMware vCenter 6.7 U3 (build number 14368073);VMware vCenter 6.5 U3 (build number 14020092);VMware vCenter 6.0 U3j (build number 14510547)


      That Org is empty... No SDDC deployed...